Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dont judge a woman by her dark skin

On the last 20th October, 2009....

'Wan Akmal!' buat kesekian kalinya nama aku suke ati depa je sebut.....aku bingkas bangun, waved my hand to amru, got a goodluck wish from him and then walked out.....

"patient awak name Nur Farisha.'....ok.....i asked help from the nursing bay to point me which one was the patient....but she refused to be interviewed upon several attempts of asking her permission....whatmore kalu aku tanye tuh die tengah syok makan pagi *sighH*

'The patient refused to be interviewed, even if i asked her to do the interview after mealtime...'

I was assigned to another patient. 'Patient awak name kalsom bee...'

'okeh!' when she was called upon, a middle-aged Indian woman approached me.....
Long story short, i asked her name again, to clarify.

Aku: Aunty, Aunty name sape?
Aunty: Kalsom
Aku: Kalsom Bee ye?
Aunty: Ye...
Aku: Boleh eja ka aunty?
Aunty: K...a....l.....
Aku: ...s...o...m...?
Aku: Lagi? Name penuh aunty...?
Aunty: B....*isk* [pandang muke aku]
Aku: B....e....e yeh?
Aunty: ya..yaa......
Aku: Lagi?
Aunty: ..uhhH....T....
Aku: [lamenye aunty nih eja name die aje, i got impatient] Aunty, ini saye tules, ada betul ka?


Aunty: [ngan mulut penuh sambil becakap nasiknye tsembur2] ...err....ya..yaa...butul2~
Aku: Ok, Kalsom Bee Thikadey


Also, i gotta do the interview with her mouth full of nasik. There were pauses...long ones. And one too many repetitions of similar questions for clarification purposes. At times, she just shut me down, detached from reality, and suddenly turned to me......'hah, ape die??'

(!@&^&^!*@&^$&#^^*!&@ makcik!!! hati aku meraung)

Nak dapatkan history die dah kawen ke belum pon, aku ade aku nak cite kat cni, berbelit!

anyway, after examination i told the story to tikah, which happened to have had a conversation and read her files before the exam.....

what makes my stomach [and other friends stomachs' too] wanna blow out of one helluva laugh until today was.....

that her name was KALSOM BINTI KADIR



  1. oh skrg dh sebut nama abg tanpa segan silu dh. hehe..

  2. hahahaha. hah. suka aku gelak. kirim salam kat pokcik. haha

  3. ahahahahaha.. super kelakar mokchique!!! adoii.. tak tahu la kt mane kekeliruan tu berlaku. huhuhu


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