Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A day in Ward 1

HO: .....so this is a case of AEBA secondary to URTI
Specialist: Awok tahu guano dio asthma?
HO: Dio ado scattered rhonci kat lung dio....
Specialist: Severity asthma tuh guano? Awok oyak diagnosis pun x penuh lagi, nok keno ado classification of severity, tidok ke? Awok tahu guano dio punyo asthma tuh teghuk ko dok? berapo butir rhonchi???

Kitorang: *kukikukikukikukikukik*

Monday, March 15, 2010

First Senior Marriage

Dah selalu kene dah ngan soalan 'akak bile lagi?' or 'junior dah dapat anak sorang due, yang senior kawen pon blom gi...bile nye?' or .....tah ape bentuk lg lah soalan yang menjurus kepada topik yang sama.....

jawapan ape yg blh memuaskan hati depa supaya boleh stop tanye? 'x tahu ke, saya dah kawen sebenarnye' or 'owh, .....err...saya....uhhH...mandul??' <----na'uzubillahiminzalik!

nasib baik dah ade yang mengorak langkah pertama di kalangan kami yang agak veteran nih....doanya dimakbulkan Allah lebih awal, jalannya dipermudahkan dari awal hingga akhir, insyaAllah....

enjoy the pics below [tho not much, sbb malas nak upload]


P/S: Doakan kami jugak~!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

bride story 1

yesterday was a bridal boutique hunting day.....we (parents, my youngest sister and me) went boutiques by boutiques but nothing definite was found yet....there were a few with nice clothes and nice dais, but the package was just plain crazy...i mean, pricey. one offerred almost RM1500 for 2 sets of clothes with accessories, 1 make up, 1 dais and that's it.....another one offerred the same for RM1200.....both cant be offerred without the make-ups or replace the make-ups with something else.....the price will still be the same, with or without the make-ups.....i mean, there should be flexible package whereby customers can choose what's in and what's not in the package, coz surely there'll be people who got a make-up artist in the family so no need to find a nother one...or a photographer already willing to charge nothing for they are best friends etc......cheish~

clothes --> they're just too common. the few that caught my eye, wasn't those of gold or apple green (my theme colour), but either a white with gold beads, a darker green, or a totally different colour.....dilemma summore~ maybe i am hoping or something worth a princess but are not willing to pay extra? hahahaha~ cheapskate!

we'd continue this hunting some other day....hope that i'll get one definite choice by then.....[susah jadi orang cerewet nih, tp ape salahnye kan...that's for a one-in-a-lifetime event pun, not wrong for me to be picky)


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dont judge a woman by her dark skin

On the last 20th October, 2009....

'Wan Akmal!' buat kesekian kalinya nama aku suke ati depa je sebut.....aku bingkas bangun, waved my hand to amru, got a goodluck wish from him and then walked out.....

"patient awak name Nur Farisha.'....ok.....i asked help from the nursing bay to point me which one was the patient....but she refused to be interviewed upon several attempts of asking her permission....whatmore kalu aku tanye tuh die tengah syok makan pagi *sighH*

'The patient refused to be interviewed, even if i asked her to do the interview after mealtime...'

I was assigned to another patient. 'Patient awak name kalsom bee...'

'okeh!' when she was called upon, a middle-aged Indian woman approached me.....
Long story short, i asked her name again, to clarify.

Aku: Aunty, Aunty name sape?
Aunty: Kalsom
Aku: Kalsom Bee ye?
Aunty: Ye...
Aku: Boleh eja ka aunty?
Aunty: K...a....l.....
Aku: ...s...o...m...?
Aunty: ye...ye....
Aku: Lagi? Name penuh aunty...?
Aunty: B....*isk* [pandang muke aku]
Aku: B....e....e yeh?
Aunty: ya..yaa......
Aku: Lagi?
Aunty: ..uhhH....T....
Aku: [lamenye aunty nih eja name die aje, i got impatient] Aunty, ini saye tules, ada betul ka?


Aunty: [ngan mulut penuh sambil becakap nasiknye tsembur2] ...err....ya..yaa...butul2~
Aku: Ok, Kalsom Bee Thikadey


Also, i gotta do the interview with her mouth full of nasik. There were pauses...long ones. And one too many repetitions of similar questions for clarification purposes. At times, she just shut me down, detached from reality, and suddenly turned to me......'hah, ape die??'

(!@&^&^!*@&^$&#^^*!&@ makcik!!! hati aku meraung)

Nak dapatkan history die dah kawen ke belum pon, aku ade masalah...mls aku nak cite kat cni, berbelit!

anyway, after examination i told the story to tikah, which happened to have had a conversation and read her files before the exam.....

what makes my stomach [and other friends stomachs' too] wanna blow out of one helluva laugh until today was.....

that her name was KALSOM BINTI KADIR


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our late Bibik Kiah

During the past raya holidays, my maid asked me if her nocturia was any alarming symptoms of any disease, I asked her back, how bad was it? She claimed that from once a night, it became two. I probed for more diabetic symptoms, she denied them all. In fact, she's been on 'strict diet' (or so she claimed) since she's afraid of having the DM like her other family members. I also asked for her last sugar level reading, it was during the medical check up somewhere in April or May, doctor told her everything's ok.

I said, then, no worries lah.

Probably it's nothing.

She started having quite severe fever for several days, my ummi took her to GP twice, but nothing on DM. She didn't resolve....

Today (14th october, 2009), my ummi asked her again about her fever, she said it's getting better. At about 11 am, my brother noticed her to be lying down on her bed, eyes closed. 'Maybe she's asleep out of tiredness,' he thought. But then, her breathing was not like usual. 'Probably nothing....' but he called up my mother and told everything, but since she can only come back home at 230 pm and probably she is sleeping...nothing alarming, we thought.

Ummi came home 3 hours later only to find out that she's already unconscious. She was rushed to HUSM (5-minute drive)...Sugar level was 28.6 mmol/L (DAMN HIGH!!!) ....induced some more coma for her to have enough rest, put under artificial ventilator, continuous vitals monitoring, RT tube n all the gadgets....and admitted to usual ward.

But she survived only until 11 pm just now.......

A known case of DM for few years, with strong family history of DM as well. She's not on any medications, and what makes us even sadder, she hid the illness until the day she die......

somehow I blame myself.....for not being a lil bit more 'aggressive and overly sensitive'......

Alfatihah buat Bibik Kiah, the most wonderful maid we've ever had.........

Sunday, October 11, 2009

another just-a-crap from me

Mulut-mulut yang berbau hamis dengan kata-kata ikhlas konon dari hati yang suci ingin menjadi khalifah, terus-terusan perasan akan berbau kasturi-lah ia di masa kelak.

Hati-hati bertompok hitam berkudis hijau, rakus meratah yang lain demi kepentingan sendiri...apakah ia tidak lagi bak kain putih? oh, itu sesaat cuma.

Tangan-tangan yang diuli molek untuk menggenggam sang cilik, giat polusi safinya kaum satu lagi dengan si tanduk membisik goda.

Akhirat kian menjelang tiba. semakin dekat menghampiri. Malanglah engkau jika masih terkulat-kulat jahil akan penghabisan yang hakiki, meninggal jauh yang fana kebelakang tanpa mampu digapai kembali

[ya, aku tengah separa mengarut lantaran mengantuk + letih + exam-mode depression]

Friday, October 2, 2009

BaLLs, everyone?

Disclaimer :This post is strictly for commercial purposes only. It's not a dirty post.


[kene letak disclaimer awal2 atas sebab-sebab kesopanan dan kesusilaan]
for illustration purpose only....these aren't the balls we're selling

This Saturday [tomorrow, 3rd October, 2009] is our entrepreneurship day. It's a day students are forced to set up a business....sell something or u'll fail the subject [kejam]

What we have in mind is rarely found in KL.........FOODS lah, of course.


suma edible bola-bola ada [ ok2, not all lah....]......ikan, ayam, udang, sotong......

we want to empower our customers by letting them have freedom of choices = blh pilih nak yang mane, bape banyak....x pakai 1 lidi cucuk 3 bijik bola ayam yang same dah~

dahlaa bakar segar2, murah je, limited edition neh, sehari tu je kitorang jual......mehlaa.....

kat tingkat 10, fakulti perubatan dan sains kesihatan USIM

help us not to fail the subject AND lose our money on this....please!

[dari orang yang kene suruh buat promosi oleh ketua group]