Tuesday, August 18, 2009

5 and a half girls boycotting Israel.....

Last-last-last Saturday, there's a programme organized by COMPLETE Malaysia as part of our continuous support for fellow Palestinians who have been suppressed by damn Israelis proclaiming that those Palestinian lands are theirs in the first place, giving them 'right' to just take over and dump everybody else out. Out where? Anywhere but 'their homeland'........it sucks real bad, man. Indescribably.

What can I do?
Provide them houses?
Build them one?
Kissing politician's smelly asses to donate some money and let them get cheap publicity out of it?
Big talks and no actions?


And of course, try to remind the public to join us as well.
Though not all of us (inclusive of me as well) are able to do total boycott (Iraelis' products a total no-no), these minor efforts are to be credited upon and well, it's better than nothing.

Such programme was a chance to fish for alpha ma....uhhH, i mean......photos...and ideas for blog posts, too.

ramai dah marah aku sebab post mende neh lewat......
buat ah blog snirik~ hehe

ye ye...hamek ko gambor2 neh.

aku tade kekasih besar2.....yang kiut dan comel je kriteria kekasih idaman aku~
owh, ya~! aku tgh cakap psl kamera.....besar = dslr, kiut dan comel = my ixus dearie

P/S: these pics are not in chronological order, malas nak susun sume..... :D

The crowd....half of it.

Ready to walk-about the shirts everybody had on

sume attentive...aku tgh men2 kamera

ade plak yang suke nyebuk senget2kan badan

hohoho! sengaja gelapkan background.....kasik aku shiny lebey skek~

buhsan tahap cipan, lapar cam badak ayor....sementara tgh tunggu majlis stat

Free short-sleeved shirts for participants....kalu long sleeves kene byr RM10.....kemut~

Dr. Kamarul was talking about the targeted companies: Nestle, McD, L'Oreal, Coke

Mohammed, the honourable guest invited. He lost his limbs 'thanx' to bombs from the Israelis....on his way to his farm on a bike with his father.

The 5 girls I mentioned earlier.

This is the half girl showing off

Me behind the camera....(xmo komen psl yg dlm gambar)

poster-signing activity

Apos tules mende neh~ which apparently they're not 'busuk' at all....bau mereka suatu cobaan perut yang sungguh hebat...mampu mengkeroncongkan perut mereka dan kaum2 mereka

the other 3 are dental students, one of em is Aisyah, adek rie.....others, apology from me. i'm bad in remembering names.....eheh~

The walk-about started...

cheerful convoy

....still cheerful....

...yes, still are.....

aku n saarah wat keje x berpekdah kat ad boards @ putra lrt masjid jamek

first stop: McD Ampang park

Inside the McD...pastuh kene halau care baik oleh staff n jelingan maut oleh customers...

pastuh kumpul kat luar plak.....eheheh~

Saarah posing ala model...uhh....model perang kaa?

inside the putra lrt....

@ KLCC....sume yg tgh makan pandang....eheh~

saje je menggedik kat bhgn nestle roducts....sayangnye, market neh x ramai pengunjung... :(

They're being chased out...at least they said it nicely..... x cam KLCC guards gelabah lelebih....

dahlaa......dah bape hari dah tertangguh nak post bende neh, penat dah~
pk ape next topic.... :D

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Days..uhhH....weeks (to be exact) went by without anything interesting enough to jilt me into blogging....sampai miqdad pon dah siap perli2 blog aku bersawang ee....ceh~

yela...yelaa.....aku tules dah ni

walopon bende mengarut

nanti pas exam aku cite kreativiti adik aku, Tun....

hampeh, die dah jadi topik utama aku setiap kali aku kehabisan idea....tp seronok ngumpat adek aku yang sorang neh heheh~