Sunday, December 27, 2009

bride story 1

yesterday was a bridal boutique hunting day.....we (parents, my youngest sister and me) went boutiques by boutiques but nothing definite was found yet....there were a few with nice clothes and nice dais, but the package was just plain crazy...i mean, pricey. one offerred almost RM1500 for 2 sets of clothes with accessories, 1 make up, 1 dais and that's it.....another one offerred the same for RM1200.....both cant be offerred without the make-ups or replace the make-ups with something else.....the price will still be the same, with or without the make-ups.....i mean, there should be flexible package whereby customers can choose what's in and what's not in the package, coz surely there'll be people who got a make-up artist in the family so no need to find a nother one...or a photographer already willing to charge nothing for they are best friends etc......cheish~

clothes --> they're just too common. the few that caught my eye, wasn't those of gold or apple green (my theme colour), but either a white with gold beads, a darker green, or a totally different colour.....dilemma summore~ maybe i am hoping or something worth a princess but are not willing to pay extra? hahahaha~ cheapskate!

we'd continue this hunting some other day....hope that i'll get one definite choice by then.....[susah jadi orang cerewet nih, tp ape salahnye kan...that's for a one-in-a-lifetime event pun, not wrong for me to be picky)



  1. apa lagi mokcik.. g la tempah baju sendri.. buat pelamin sendri.. sorry cant help much, klu aku ada, aku akan buatkan pelamin kau for free kot (tp bahan kau sedia hehe) n bleh gak tolong jahit baju. but again, sorry

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